Human Rights Documents

August 2015:
1,548 documents published in 2013 have been added to the online version.

Currently the complete set of documents is loaded on Brill’s new platform for primary source collections: ( As soon as this has been completed all customers will be informed and access arranged. After a period in which both URL’s will be available, this version will be closed down and the URL will be redirected to the new platform.
Important improvements will be the viewing functionality that will make it much easier to see search results in the documents and to scroll or page through the documents and additional search options on country and subject.

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Human Rights Documents Online (HRDO) will ultimately contain all human rights documents collected by the Human Rights Internet (HRI) in Ottawa in Canada since 1980.

These documents emanate from 687 non-governmental human rights organizations (NGOs) worldwide, some of which have a universal scope, whilst others focus on the attainment of human rights in a specific area of the world.